About the Comic

HEX11 is the epic story of a future where magic has been discovered as a new technology. Elanor, a young witch-in-training, navigates the urban underworld known as the Hex; facing corporate conspiracies, demon mercenaries, black market magic dealers, and extra-dimensional body snatchers, all while trying to complete her apprenticeship to an eccentric oracle named Vera.

Now in production on its third volume, HEX11 continues to be a fan favorite with readers across the world.

Nominated for the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity, with art by Lisa K. Weber and script by Kelly Sue Milano, HEX11 is an exciting drama for all sci-fi/fantasy fans. Dive in and read the first issue for free here. You can also find HEX11 on ComiXology and the Kindle Bookstore