Praise for Hex11

 "Hex11 is hands-down one of my favorite comics out there." 
-Kara Szamborski, The Mary Sue

"It’s downright electrifying to read a comic so well produced that’s also got a new, innovative idea and fresh, atmospheric art, too."
-Caitlin Rosberg, The AV Club

"Milano delivers another fantastic issue of Hex11... I highly recommend this series."
-Mexi Gremillion, Comicosity

“What grabbed me about [Hex11] was the interesting cover and illustration style. With a completely unknown brand this is extremely important. The book is drawn by Lisa K. Weber who has an animation based style. It really works for this story and was one of the highlights.”

“As an introductory issue, Hex11 #1 is perfect. The story while short is punctuated with enough tension and excitement making it almost impossible to not want to read the second issue right away.”
-Coverless Reviews

“As high as my expectations were, they were all exceeded. The book is beautiful to look at, and the story is completely compelling.”
-Jace Milam, The Comic Source

“They take the Arthur C. Clark maxim “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and mine it with wonderful effect.”
Shane Roeschlein, Caustic Soda             

“At only three issues published so far, Hex11 rocks my socks.”
-The Valkyries Call

“Holy moly this was the best discovery I could have made!  My mind happily devoured Hex11. It was so enjoyable and had everything I loved in a comic: magic, quirky characters, possible romance, demons, and flying dragon cats.”

“Elanor’s character is someone who I quickly liked and rooted for… She is someone I would have no issue with my daughter seeing as a role model from a comic book let's just put it that way.”
-A Family Man and his Comics

Harry Potter meets Blade Runner. [Hex11] is written, illustrated and produced by women. Lady, you just said all my magic words.”
-Pretty Boss Shows